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Does pre/post sales' customer service mean anything to you?

Pre & Post Sale Customer Support

We are providing a pre-sales person who has in depth knowledge of specific product/service. He helps the customer to understand how the specific product/service is helpful to his business by correlating the product and the business. Pre-sales technical support covers technical questions about a product before the person asking these questions has bought the product (hence 'pre-sales'). These inquiries are typically free of charge, and will typically help clarifying attributes or performance aspects of a product prior to making a purchase decision by customer

We are providing a post-sales person who has in depth knowledge of after sales support. After sale of that product/service providing support for that product/service or services related to that product/service which generate the revenue is called as post-sales.

It is also referred as after sales service of the product such as warranty claim etc. For example, you'd want to buy something from a company that offers post-sale services, such as a warranty. Post can mean after, so basically post-sale means after sales. A successful sale means… the service expected by a customer and service delivered by the management after the sale being done!

PR should mean a lot to anybody in a business relationship. Customer service leads to customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction determines the life and death of ANY company.


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LIVE Chat Support

LIVE Chat Support

If chat is one thing, it is efficient. Unlike a phone call, a chat agent can take on multiple interactions at once, with ease. This gain in efficiency helps allow for more engagements to take place with the resources you have available.

Ticket Based Support System

Whenever customer or company want to track the conversation for the query that needed more time to be solved... it can be converted to support ticket.

Ticket Based Support System
Email Support

Email Support

Some time customers are feeling more comfortable to send direct email at support email address of company.

Phone Support

No phone number for customer support means no chance to get customer's trust on company.

Phone Support

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