General FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I get projects to work from home? OR How can I get projects to start from my small data entry office/cyber café/computer shop or with small setup of up to 10 employees? OR How can I get projects to start from my own BPO?

    You'll have to contact your nearest business partner (authorized by listed on "contact partners" page of company website. He/she will help you to sign-up for getting work and then he will also give you training about work. You'll have to provide your contact details & bank account information where you would like to receive the billings. For such, you'll have to pay their consultancy fee.
  2. What's the process to associate directly with to promote this business?

    Please drop your inquiry at one of our company representatives will contact to you accordingly.
  3. How genuine your work are?

    We can not comment on this ourself, you've to verify the process yourself. We can only comment about how the best we can help you for completing the process more accurately, read below:
    A. We are not forcing to work on un-readable files/data: If you have received the low quality images data to type, proof read or convert then you can replace those with new work. Many other providers doing this to make your accuracy down for low or zero payment.
    B. We want to work done anyhow: We allowing you to use ICR/OCR conversion software for extracting the text from provided images to read and recognize them more accurately. Many other providers binding you to use of software because they do not want you to achieve high accuracy.
    C. We offering Money Back policy: We allowing you to cancel the agreement within specified period to get refund of 60% of deposited consultancy fee. Consultancy is not everything for us, we want you to work with your sastisfaction and keeping door open to quit if you are feeling that job is not doable.
    D. It's not a ROTATION of data: The data we are providing is not available on internet or anywhere in soft copy. Many other vendors are still using old data and free data to cheat your money only.
    E. We are not duplicating: Once we completing the QC of submitted work, we never re-issuing same work to anybody even accuracy report is below minimum desired accuracy. This is because... once we are having soft copy of raw images we are just refining the data from internal resources, doing further proof reading internally and compiling in desired format. Your higher accuracy on submitted work is reducing our labor on filtering the data, and we paying that reduced cost to you and your low accuracy means our higher cost to refine the data..
    F. 100% Refundable Consultancy: If you are working satisfactory in continuous four submissions then we are paying the performance bonus equal to consultancy fee you paid for accepting this job.
    G. We've earned reputation: You'll never find any complaint about "accuracy report is late or not provided" or "billing amount not paid as per accuracy report" or "accuracy report is wrong as per submitted work" or "any unsolved dispute with company".
    H. Contract/Documentation: We are signing contract agreement to giving you regular work and related billing as well for pre-specified duration as per in agreement. You may use that as a legal document in case of any dispute, we are never denying about any commitment we are doing as written in our agreement.
  4. What is the complete process of work? What is the use of this kind of data conversion or data entry work?

    1. We are having a huge number of image data which has been collected from various resources of global market place.
    2. We want this data back in readbale as well as editable format, for such... we are having task to change them into the soft copy of these images, and then this will be using further to refine and compile for desired purpose.
    3. Finally, we are selling converted data back in same global market place.
  5. Why company is spenting up to Rs 50,000/- for getting conversion of just 3000 images, even similar data is selling back in market not costing for more than Rs 1000/- ?

    1. This project is having capacity to get such high payment because this project is really requires your such effort that'll be really deserving this high payment.
    2. And finally, the converted data are always distributing to over thousands of buyers. If we are setting just Rs 500/- as the selling cost of same data for which we paid Rs 50,000/- to you then still possible revenue collection could be over 5 lakh.
  6. What are the challenges of work?

    1. We require strong accuracy in typed/converted data for which we are very high pay rate of data.
    2. All content is case sensitive; "The" and "the" are not same.
    3. Provided work is specific to target oriented, you'll have to complete the work within given timeline.
    4. No re-work or time extension allowed.
  7. I found some duplicate image data in bunch of workload we've received, what this means?

    We are compiling the collected image data in bunch to provide you as workload and we are already trying best to remove duplicate image data, junk data, and unreadable image data, but, it's very hard for us to identify and remove all of them from such huge collection. So, you'll might get occasionally some page duplicated, or junk or unreadable. But, do not worry about that, you may ignore such kind of image data, we'll pay you for your work as per accuracy in rest image data you completed.
  8. I believe desired accuracy in Data Conversion Work is unachievable?

    Certainly NO, actually... partially agree with you. Image to MS Word conversion work that we offerring are obviousley unachievable in major cases if you processing this work manually (manual typing and all). But, it's achievable with the help of OCR and keening or proof reading utilities. That's the reason we are allowing you to use all kind of software in this project for completing this work to give our desired accuracy. But, rest projects are achievable becuase that does not contains lots of typing wok, you just need to concentrate on data you are typing in provided offline or online CRM.
  9. If, yes, then what's the success ratio in your image conversion work?

    approx 10% of new assignment are not submitting even back to us, either they failing or they taking refund by cancelling the agreement. approx 20% submissions are coming under 100% rejection parameters. approx 25% submissions are getting less than desired accuracy. Only remaining 40% submissions achieving the desired or above accuracy. And only 5-10% submissions coming with high payout.
    Now, you already aware about your resources and man power, and download sample data from our download page to check yourself on which percentage you are coming.
  10. Are you providing any flexibility of converted/typed data?

    Certainly yes. We understand that you'll be facing some common problem like below:
    1. Not able to recognize punctuations, i.e. periods "." replacing with comma "," OR comma "," is replacing with period "." OR few more similar cases
    2. While manual typing typist may press multiple spaces between two words
    3. Many time operator is comfortable to type accurately but don't know anything about format required in deliverable data.
    So, don't worry for this all...
    1. We are not treating wrong punctuations as error.
    2. We are not treating multiple spaces between two words as error.
    3. We are providing the CRM to make data entry for keeping data in desired format.
    But, we'll not compromise with quality we needed, so, you've to pay 100% attention on other quality parameters we are having.
  11. If, this process is genuine then why consultancy charges is involved?

    Company is having huge image data to be get converted with high accuracy. And company is investing the amount somehow for the processing of this project. Company knows that desired accuracy is toughest part of this project and approx 40% are failing in first attempt, thus, if company will keep distributing the work without consultancy then it'll increase the company's investment and soon... it may lead to loss in project. The collection of data is very huge and can not cover by 50-100 or 500 persons. Thus, company has formatted a structured sales team and business partners to distribute this work and company is allowing them for charging refundable* consultancy fee to distribute this work further. Company is taking some part of collected consultancy to recover/maintain company's investment and losses if happen any. Apart of this... whatever the consultancy you are paying to us is 100% refundable to you if you submitting continuously four submissions as per our desired accuracy.
  12. Can I get work without any advance payment/upfront or consultancy charges?

    Company can give you demo work without payment and will generate the accuracy report as well on submitted demo work, so that you judge about your performance to decide to enter in this project. But, you cannot enter in our project without paying applicable consultancy fee.
  13. What the security I will get for the consultancy amount I am paying? Can I get Bank Guarantee or Letter of Credit against the billing of work I will submit?

    Company's authorized business partners will sign an agreement with you as a individual company/firm/person, and the agreement using for this signup between you and our business partner can be use as a legal document in any dispute. You should take care yourself about consultancy you are paying to our business partner. Providing letter of credit or bank guaranty to you will depend on the terms & conditions between you and business partners and willingness of business partner. So, you'll have to discuss this with your chosen business partner.
  14. Is there any "money refund policy"?

    Yes, if you feeeling that this JOB is not doable in said time then you can request to cancel the agreement within pre-defined time from issuing date of first work/job to you. In this case, company will allow you to get refund of 70% amount of your deposited consultancy charges.
  15. I am not much good in typing or proof reading and not confident about my performance, so, can I take risk unless I can not bear the loss? Should I take chance to invest money?

    No, it's highly recommending to you to do not invest for this taking any work in this case. And the persons who failing to get accuracy in two attempts are strongly recommended to quit and do not invest more in these type of projects. That's the reason we are not allowing to renew the JOB. It's highly recommended to do not invest from loan or credit in this data proessing work or not even in any other non-voice BPO process.
    Kindly visit at "Why Non-Voice Project Is Not For Everyone?" by clicking here.
  16. I don't have sufficient money in my pocket to invest but quite confident on my performance and I am needful. Can I get work without paying anything?

    If you are a home based user and you can submit demo work with desired accuracy then company can give you work without any charges (or upfront), but, applied consultancy charges will be deducted from your billing.
  17. Will I get continuous work immediate after submission or I will have to wait til accuracy report for getting continue work?

    You can get next workload within 24 hrs after submitting the work (without waiting for accuracy report on submitted work), but, you will have to drop an email to get next workload.
    Remember, this continued work will accepting only if accuracy of previous submitted data will be positive.
  18. When I will get paid for submitted work?

    Once we'll receive the acceptance on generated accuracy report the billing amount (as per accuracy report) will be wired within 3 to 5 working days from date of acceptance.
  19. What will happen once agreement period will end?

    Agreement can be renewed for further, but, it'll depend on availability of project.
  20. What will happen if my agreement will be terminating due to some reason mentioned in agreement?

    You'll not be eligible more to get work and refund of any consultancy amount (if paid any).
  21. How & when I can renew my agreement?

    Contact with provider of your work, pay the applicable consultancy fee (if any) to him and thereafter you'll get continued work. If agreement is terminating due to low accuracy, rejection criteria or failed submission then you may get one more chance to get continued work.
  22. What will happen to ongoing work (if any) if I am getting negative accuracy on previous related work?

    If work is rejecting due to low accuracy, rejection criteria or failed submission then this leading your agreement for termination and you can renew your contract one more time to get continued work.
  23. Is there any option to replace the work?

    Yes, if you received files that are not opening or not readable at your end then you can request via email to re-issue the new work with new submission date/time.
  24. Can I get help for unrecognized text or special character on provided data/image?

    Yes, just send an email at with image and line number where you are not able to recognize the text. We will send the typed character, word or line. Then you just need to copy & paste in your created file.
  25. Punctuations are very confusing in many images, what is the best way to deal with it?

    If punctuation is not readable or confusing in image then you may ask by dropping email at or can type as per your common sense. i.e. replacing comma with period or replacing colon with semi-colon will not count as an error, because wrong punctuations are not in under penalty, but, you'll have to take care about proper spaces with words, do not merge and do not break.
  26. What is the method of accuracy measurement? Is it per page or per assignment?

    There are various criteria to measure the accuracy in different projects. Like, Proof reading and typing projects having penalty in %age on each mistake. So Achieved accuracy in these projects are = (100 - (Penalty On Mistake x Number of Mistakes))%. And data entry or form filling projects having different measurement criteria, which is = (100 - (Total Errors Found x 100 /Total Forms Checked By QC Team))%
  27. What is the process of work submission in Data Conversion?

    You will get image files in ZIP folder with name {JOB_ID_NAME}.ZIP, extract this folder and start your working as per explained under your pre-training. The all final data files should be change back to ZIP folder with same name {JOB_ID_NAME}.ZIP Then finally submit the completed data in zip folder on provided email address.
  28. What should I do for getting better accuracy in Data Conversion work?

    Click here for more details about tips & tricks on better accuracy for various projects.
  29. If, I am failing to submit the provided work within same time, then, can I get extension to submit the same work?

  30. If, my accuracy is coming below desired accuracy, then, can I get chance to re-work on same work?

  31. I've taken the work from sub vendor of but his/her name is not listed anywhere on company website. Is there any risk for me?

    Yes, company will not take any responsibility here. Neither for providing the work nor accepting the work nor providing the accuracy report nor releasing the billing amount nor helping to reimburse any kind of losses and investment.
  32. Where I can post complaint about any fraud done with me from authorized business/Sales partner of

    Kindly post your probelem and complain along with copy of signed agreement at this link or send email at company representative will get back to you within 7 working days for resolution of dispute.
  33. Who will responsible for losses of mine due to fraud done with me from authorized business partner of

    If you have taken the work through our authorized business partner who is listed in our website page then GLR Services is taking responsibility for providing the workload and related billing til expiring/terminating the agreement. Company will help you to resolve all the matter, but company will not take any guarranty for recovering your investment done with business partners. Also, your claim must not be against the agreement signed by you. If you've taken the work without signing the agreement then you will not be responsible for any claim in any case or situation.

If you are having any other question apart of anything not written above then feel free to write us at

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