Project: Proof Reading & Correction Work

Suitable For Part Time Home Based Workers

Global market has millions of books in hard copy and it's increasing day by day, most of that contents are not available on internet for e-book readers, and these contents are neither available in soft copy. So that, it can be published at online to make that easy to download for e-book readers. Thus, we have a task to convert all of these books (image format) in to the editable format, so that we can make them available on internet for online readers.

We have already done the primary work, the data digitization/conversion by using powerful image to text OCR technology. But still this technology is not able to give accuracy that we desire. That's why we still need this to be done manually to get more accurate than any OCR can give. We have established some rules that leading to penalties on data operator and this is helping us to get maximum achievable accuracy. For this, company paying 10 time higher than OCR to data operators on the basis of accuracy coming after penalties deductions.

We are collecting these books from various national/international resources but we do not have any kind of collaboration with them. The proof reading task is GLR's own work and we are doing this work with the help of few channel/sales partners in India. For such, this work is populating under process name "Image to Text - Proof Reading Work". Once we are completing the compilation of book into soft copy, we are selling/distributing these compiled books to e-libraries.


Home Based, Part Time, Proof Reading, Typing Job

Image To Text Proof Reading

You'll be getting images, converted text and e-book editor for proof reading and saving the corrected text in file.


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